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The online resource & Quarterly meetings for people development and people regulation personnel within the UK financial services industry

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Welcome to T-CPeople

T-CPeople is a web site designed to showcase the support and services provided by 2be Development Consultancy to the financial services sector.

We specialise in providing support to those people that work in people development or people aspects of regulation.  Examples of people aspects of regulation include Training and Competence, Treating Customers Fairly, Code of Conduct and Certification

We provide a range of workshops and support services to help people attain and maintain their competence and develop excellence in their field. We also help companies achieve the best outcomes utilising regulation in a pragmatic and effective way.

Our financial services team is led by Jeff Abbott our Regulatory Services Director.  Jeff specialises in T&C having working both as a practitioner and consultant for over 20 years in this area.  

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The website for individuals involved in people development & people regulation

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